What does getting old mean to you?


I’ve always enjoyed celebrating my birthday for obvious reasons; everyone is celebrating me. When I was younger, it was all about the gifts. This was the one time of the year that every gift in the house was for me and no one else. However, as I got older, the thought of gifts began to bother me. I don’t really know why or how that feeling even came about but it did. All I’ve cared about since is being surrounded by family and friends. I do enjoy their company. I could honestly say that I’ll take dinner at my house with a couple of friends and family over any expensive gift. Like I said before, gifts bother me.

Anyways, that doesn’t answer the question, does it? Well, let me say this then I enjoy getting older for many reasons, one of them being that I’m still here. I have never been against aging, or getting older, I’ve always accepted it. Getting old is just that, there’s nothing really special about it. I wish I can say that the older you were, the wiser you became, but I believe being wise is a result from living a life full of experience, and trust me not every soul out there is full of it. Many, in fact, lack it.

Getting old means earning days. It means waking up and having another day to fulfill something. It means getting closer to death; it means beating the odds. That’s what getting older is… beating the odds. I think.

We live in a world so crazy most of us don’t even know it, or refuse to know it. The fact that we live another day to tell the story is insane. It’s an amazing gift itself. One we should all cherish. I mean, the fact that I have outlived many people, including some of whom I went to school with, is a huge eye-opener. I beat the odds. I’m getting older and time is becoming a story worth telling. That’s what it comes down to really.

The older you get, the more you begin to wonder, “Is my life worth telling?” That is huge. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with living a quiet life but you have to make an impact at least for your loved ones. After all, in the end, that’s all we really become. A story. Maybe that’s what getting older is: collecting stories until you become one. I like the sound of that. I can live with that. It sums up everything I mean. Getting older should mean growing as a person, both mentally and physically, but the only way to do so is to experience the world you fought so hard to be a part of. I mean, remember, we were all once the most eager, hard working, goal oriented, and fastest motherfucking sperm cell of the bunch. And we made it. Life is the prize. And, maybe this is just me, but I believe a prize is a made to be cherished. So, what does getting old mean to me???


It means understanding that question.