Welcome, you.

So this is it. These are the words I have chosen, the lucky ones that are getting the chance to be the first of many to represent me. How cool is that? Take a second or two to really think about how lucky these words are, and how they might even hold the power to change a life or two. I’m telling you, if enough thought is put into it, it can be mind-blowing…

Okay, so now that we have taken the time to breathe some life into the words above, let’s turn our attention to these new words: I have decided to write everyday.

I have. I think it’s for my own good. See, when I was younger up until my first year in college, that’s all I ever did. It was non-stop writing for me. I remember I wrote my first 100-page story (I should call it a draft but whatever it doesn’t matter) when I was in seventh grade. I was so proud of myself. Looking back at it, of course, it sucked, but at the time it was an accomplishment–– Well, it still is. It’s my first finished story. Regardless if it sucked, I still finished it. That’s more than I can say with my current projects; all of them are unfinished or lost somewhere in a different hard drive.

So yes. I don’t think, I know this is good for me. Especially if I am taking the time to work on a new story that I’m growing quite fond of. The theme is simple enough to explore and the story is special enough to write about. The theme for those interested is learning how to accept yourself for who you are and allowing the past to be the past so one can move forward. That’s it. If you ask me, it’s cute and simple.

Everyday for the past few weeks, I’ve been taken the time to write for at least 15 minutes. Though to be honest, I usually end up writing for an hour, and if I’m working on my story, I usually end up writing for 2-3 hours. Time flies when you’re exploring a brand new world, or manipulating time. I have always believed the price we pay for manipulating time is losing track of it. That’s why music and film editors spend countless hours working on projects. I can tell you that I have first hand. In case you’re wondering, probably not, but just in case you are, I’m an aspiring filmmaker, and words play a big part in what I do.

So yes, I know this is somewhat of a random first entry but I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite sometime. To be honest, I don’t know how the world of blogging works but I promise you, I’ll start getting it in no time. So yes, if for whatever reason you find this interesting, you can rest assured that there is plenty more to come. I will be sharing stories of all kind both fiction and non-fiction. I think it should be interesting. Anyways, always remember to keep it real.